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At Ulster Carpets, we recognise that everyone has different tastes. With that in mind, we have an extensive range of designs to suit every style – from classic and contemporary to modern and retro.

Creativity Takes Courage

Whether you are influenced by a style that exudes classic elegance or want a more contemporary look, this section will give you plenty of inspiration to fuel your imagination.


After all, your carpet is – quite literally – the perfect foundation to build your interior design around. You can opt for a bold design that makes a strong statement or you can choose more muted tones that allow your signature style to stand out through distinctive furnishings. It’s all about finding the right balance and our seasonal trends, mood boards and design articles will help give you the courage of your creative convictions.

Ulster’s Natural Choice,
Our 100% Wool Carpet Range.

Consumer desire for natural carpets is a growing trend. Today, consumers not only want a stylish, stand-out carpet, rug, or runner but also want to ensure that their purchase is both eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment. Ulster’s natural choice selection ensures that all of those boxes are ticked by using 100% wool, with no artificial materials.


With consumers looking for interior products that are both stylish and sympathetic to the planet, Ulster Carpets has built on the success of the eco-friendly Natural Choice collection with these six new stunning 100% wool carpet designs.

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