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When (re)furnishing your home, the many pro’s of wall-to-wall carpet simply cannot be ignored. Broadloom carpet has it all: warmth, softness, ambience…


No other flooring is as crucial to the unique character of your house. And honestly, what’s more delightful than stretching out in front on the fireplace with a book or tablet, or shuffling around the room on bare feet to feel the fabric’s unique sensation? Carpet puts the ‘c’ in ‘coziness’.

Bespoke broadloom carpet offers endless possibilities… Sleek minimalism, refined elegance or warm rusticity: whatever your taste or lifestyle, carpet can handle it. Available in a vast range of textures, colours and designs, you will always find a carpet that complements your wallpaper, curtains and paint colours to create that perfect harmony.


Since carpet improves acoustics, your favourite music will sound much better in a carpeted room. Concert halls and cinemas all over the world are fitted with carpet. The reason? Carpet halves the reverberation time of sound waves reflecting off the walls and furniture, offering better acoustics.

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