Adam Carpets have been manufacturing carpets in Kidderminster for over 80 years. During that time, the brand has become synonymous for its high quality products, its innovation and its vast colourbank.


Every single colour, of every single range of carpet that we sell, is made in the Adam Carpets factory in Kidderminster. Adam Carpets test every batch of every carpet range that we make to ensure that our high standards of quality are maintained.


We only use the finest materials available to make our carpets and we will not cheapen them by using sub-standard ingredients. Adam Carpets use Wool in all our domestic ranges with the vast majority being 80% Wool/20% Nylon. This has been proved to be the finest blend that you can use.


In all our ranges Adam Carpets are proud to use British Wool. This wool is prized for its bulk and springy handle. It is ideally suited for carpets that will wear well and retain their wonderful appearance to give you lasting pleasure and comfort.


How carpets look and function depends largely on the fibres they are made of. Wool is still recognised as the best fibre for use in carpet. It is used on its own in a pure 100% form or in blends with nylon and polypropylene to improve its wear properties. An 80/20 blend of wool/nylon is generally recognised as the most suitable make up of a twist pile carpet.


A blend of at least 80% wool is recommended in a carpet. and it is recognised that UK manufacturers make the best carpet in the world. At Adam Carpets we use both British Wool and New Zealand Wool in our products. British Wool can give carpet strength and durability, whilst the NZ Wool is softer and whiter, which means we can dye lighter colours such as our best selling Fine Worcester Twist Elmbridge Ecru (FW112).

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